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My name is Anže Fajfar, you can call me Anže (pronunciation: [ahn-zeh])
I am a frontend developer/web developer/designer, currently working full-time@Httpool
Based in Slovenia, EU.

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my awesome


Made for clients

A choclate dream

Jimmy Fantastic

project preview

The only thing I didn't like about this project was the lack of physical chocolate. I was staring at those chocolates for about a month :( Other than that, I enjoyed working on it, and there were some challenges, especially the carousel, which is the most complicated part of this UI. Built using NuxtJS and Bootstrap.

First freelance project

Vila Destino

project preview

First-ever project for an actual client. This was done in about two days, over the weekend. Built with Bootstrap and vanilla JS.

Freelance gig

Approved Cycling

project preview

First e-commerce project. Initially was built using Sage theme and Woocommerce, but it looks like it was changed to Shopify 😭 The link goes to wayback machine, but obviously some parts are broken...

Web portal

Vzajemci Academy

project preview

Built using NuxtJS and Bootstrap. Interesting project. My favourite part to build was the dictionary

Freelance gig

Assign client to driver

project preview

Users can add drivers and their routes from point A to B. They could then upload a CSV with clients and their addresses. The system will calculate to which clients should each driver go to, depending on the distance of the client to the driver route.

Test assignments


Recipe app

No image

Made as part of the hiring process. A simple recipe search app


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my work


March 2019 - March 2020 (12 months) =>

Student frontend developer


My first ever job as a web developer. Interesting learning experience, my first ever look how websites are built. At the start i mainly worked with vanilla JS, html and css, but later on started working in their proprietary CMS and also Wordpress.

You never forget your first 🥹

March 2020 - October 2021 (18 months) =>

Frontend developer


First full time employment as a frontend developer. First couple of months i was learning a lot while enrolled in their onboarding program, helped a lot with preparations of my first job. I was mainly working with Drupal, on the frontend working in jQuery and SCSS. Here i also started dabbling in React more, helped building some internal tools with it.

Do i know them?

October 2021 - June 2022 (8 months) =>

Frontend developer

Taia Translations

First ever React job. I switched companies because i wanted to focus more on web app development instead of developing websites. Worked closely with the BE team to implement new features, also did rough UX/UI designs. I also did a lot of mobile responsive work here. At that time the development team was small, 2 FE developers, 2 BE developers and the team lead.

Spy on them 👀

July 2022 - Still working here (12 months) =>

Frontend developer


First time working in a large team, about 10 times larger than any i have worked in. Also first time working in a more established workflow, from feature UI/UX design to publishing the feature in production. Working with React 😍 and GraphQL + first time in Typescript <3

I like it
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quick summary

About me

I'm a Slovenian based, self-taught front-end developer, currently mainly working with React and NextJS, but not afraid to tinker with other front-end libraries and frameworks or just going straight vanilla (HTML, CSS and Javascript). I am passionate about web development, computers, all things tech, music, guitar,...

Over the years I have worked with many technologies, such as; Wordpress, Drupal, React, VueJs …

Worked on many projects … .

Currently looking for work

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